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Travel Exemption


  • Travel Exemption Permit applications are no longer being accepeted. Please note that from 6pm Friday, travel exemptions will no longer be required to travel to South Gippsland.

With the summer fire season imminent, there is a need for owners of properties to prepare for the fire season. Under an exemption to the current Chief Health Officer (CHO) Directions, an owner of a property, or a nominated representative, will be allowed to travel to their property to undertake fire preparedness work.

Please note there will be a processing time for applications. We expect travel exemptions will take 2 to 5 working days to process depending on the amount of applications received. Please submit your application as far in advance of your intended travel dates as possible.

Before applying, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions information sheet.
Please note: The travel exemption applicant must be named as an owner of the property within the council rates database. Exemptions can only be granted to either a listed owner, or if the owner is unable to attend the property, a nominated representative. If several owners want to go to the property, they can only do so if they live in the same household.

The owner or the nominated representative must carry a rates notice to provide as proof of ownership. The travel exemption supports travel for a maximum of 72 hours.

You will need to supply the following information:

  • Owner’s name, and that of their nominated representative if they cannot travel themselves
  • The address of the property
  • The timeframe for travel and
  • An indicative list of the works being undertaken. Works conducted before an emergency may include but are not limited to: reducing bushfire fuel loads on the property (e.g. cutting grass, removing vegetation), slashing, clearing gutters, removing items from around dwellings and out-buildings.

Please ensure the information provided in your application is accurate. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be rejected and the applicant will need to reapply from the beginning of the process.

Council will review the application and check it against the rates database and bushfire/emergency overlays. If accepted, the travel exemption letter will then be signed.

The owner of the property or their nominated representative must adhere to all Chief Health Officer restrictions placed on them under their primary residence, when entering regional Victoria. The owner or the nominated representative will be provided with a copy of a letter from the Chief Health Officer and the Chief Commissioner of Police outlining their responsibilities and the penalties for failing to abide by the conditions of this permit. The owner or the nominated representative must sign the declaration included as part of this letter before travelling.

In making an application please be aware that Council may disclose this information, without consent, where required to do so by law including to agencies for enforcement and contact tracing purposes.