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What approvals do I need? - Dwelling

Description A dwelling is a building used as a self-contained residence which must include:
a) a kitchen sink;
b) food preparation facilities;
c) a bath or shower; and
d) a closet pan and wash basin.
It includes out-buildings and works normal to a dwelling.
Do I need approval?

A planning permit is not required for one dwelling (or any associated out-buildings) on a lot in the General Residential Zone, Township Zone or Mixed Use Zone, unless:

  • The lot has an area of less than 300m2; and
  • The land is affected by an overlay that may trigger a planning permit for certain buildings and works.  

In the case of a lot in the Low Density Residential Zone no permit is required for one dwelling (or any associated out-buildings) on a lot unless the land is affected by an overlay that may trigger a planning permit for certain buildings and works.
If your land is in any other zone or affected by any overlays, a planning permit is likely to be required and certain restrictions or requirements may apply.
If you are unsure or would like to talk to a planner you can call (03) 5662 9200 or please click here to book a time to meet with a Planner.
Please note: where applicable, a planning approval should be obtained prior to submitting a building permit.

A building permit is required for the construction of a dwelling.

Waste Water
If the development is in an area not connected to sewer then a Permit to Install a Septic Tank System will be required. In some instances a Land Capability Assessment (LCA) may be required to support the wastewater application.

Road Reserve
Council consent is required to work within the road reserve. This includes constructing a new driveway crossover or altering an existing driveway crossover and connection of any services
VicRoads consent may be required to construct or alter and access to a Road Zone Category 1.

What do I need to submit?

Completed Planning Application Form and checklist
Relevant fees (refer to the Planning Fee Schedule )
Depending on the zone, a report and other documentation may be required to justify the proposed dwelling/s (in the case of the Farming Zone) or a Neighbourhood and Site Description and Design Response (in the case multiple dwellings on one lot in Residential Zones). Talk to our Planning Advisory Officer in regard to the reports contents.
A current copy of title for the land including, the title plan and a copy of any covenants or 173 agreements on the title (no more than 60 days old).
Three (3) copies of site plan drawn to scale (preferably at 1:100 or 1:200) showing setbacks to the front, side and rear boundaries and the extent of any cut/fill (earthworks). 
Three (3) copies of floor plans and elevations drawn to scale (preferably 1:100 or 1:200) showing the height of the building from natural ground level, colours and finishes of any building materials. Please note: engineering/structural drawings DO NOT constitute an elevation plan.

Contact a private Building Surveyor to obtain a building permit.

If the land is not connected to sewer, you must submit a Septic Tank Application to Install with appropriate fee (refer to Wastewater Fee Schedule)

Road Reserve
Complete the Non-Utility Minor Works within Municipal Road Reserves application form for driveways adjoining a Council Road.
One (1) copy of site plan – showing location of crossings, property boundaries, intersections, street trees, signs, kerb and channel, footpaths and width of crossing.

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