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Engage with Council

Questions for Council Meetings

Do you have a question that you would like answered at a Council Meeting? You can submit a question online via our 'Register your Question' form. Up to three questions may be submitted (or a combined total of three questions for related parties or groups). The total word count of all questions submitted should be 100 words or fewer and questions must be phrased as a question not a statement.

Questions must be received before 9.00am on the Monday before the Council Meeting.

Before submitting a question, please review the criteria at: Questions for Council Meetings


Community Days

Community Days were introduced to provide different ways for our community to engage with Council's Councillors. Rather than offering formal presentation times in Council Chambers - that can be daunting for people not accustomed to public speaking - Community Days give residents, businesses and groups an opportunity to meet with Councillors in a more flexible and relaxed setting. Depending on the subject matter, Councillors may choose to meet with people:

  • at a location in the community
  • at Council
  • in an informal setting

Insights gained during Community Days will help to inform Councillor decision making.

Community Days are generally held on the fourth Wednesday of the month and community members can apply via a short Expression of Interest form. EOIs will be assessed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in consultation with the Mayor. Expressions of Interest must be receieved by 9.00am on the third Friday of each month.

Before submitting an Expression of Interest, please review the process outlined at: Community Days