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Freedom of Information

Schedule of Other Registers Required to be kept by Council

Schedule of other Registered to be kept by Council (to which there may be limited access to)

Should you wish to inspect any of these documents please contact Council’s on (03) 5662 9200
or via

Council may fix reasonable fees for inspection and copying of some documents.

  • Planning Permits
  • Building Permits
  • Occupancy and temporary permits
  • Emergency orders, building notices or building orders
  • Dog and cat registrations
  • Approved management plan – Water Act
  • Records of immunisation certificates
  • Register in respect of each class of prescribed accommodation
  • Applications for the issue, renewal or transfer of a registration
  • Register of all registrations, renewals or transfer of registration
  • Register of all registrations, renewals and transfers
  • Planning scheme amendments, Victorian Planning provisions and other documents available
  • Planning submissions
  • Planning Panel reports
  • Approved planning amendments
  • Planning scheme
  • Register of all applications for permits and determinations relating to permits
  • Planning applications
  • Objections to planning applications
  • Extension of time of permits
  • Permits issued under section 97F
  • Section 173 Agreements
  • Matters considered under section 60(1A)(g)
  • Register of caravan parks
  • Register of public roads
  • Register of exercise of powers of entry
  • Register of applications (Subdivisions) kept in conjunction with section 49(1) Planning & Environment Act
  • Annual Budget
  • Annual Report
  • Procurement Policy
  • Best Value: Standards and Report