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Road & infrastructure documents

Road Management Act 2004

The purpose of the Road Management Act 2004 is to establish a coordinated management system for public roads that will promote:

  • safe and efficient state and local public road networks; and
  • the responsible use of our roads.

There are associated Regulations and Codes associated with the Road Management Act 2004 (noted below). Visit the VicRoads website to access the Road Management Act, Regulations, and Codes.

  -  Road Management Act 2004
  -  Road Management - General Regulations
  -  Road Management - Works & Infrastructure Regulations
  -  Code of Practice - Road Management Plans
  -  Code of Practice - Clearways on Declared Arterial Roads
  -  Code of Practice - Management of Infrastructure in Road Reserves 
  -  Code of Practice - Worksite Safety Traffic Management 
  -  Code of Practice - Operational Responsibility for Public Roads

The latest versions of these Acts, Regulations, and Codes are available from the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website under Victorian Law Today. Instructions on how to locate the relevant Act or Regulation is also available on the VicRoads website.