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Election/Caretaker Period

The information on this website was posted prior to the Council election period, 21 September – 23 October 2021. No updates will be made during this period unless it is a statutory requirement.

About our roads

Our Roads

Council manages 794.5 kms of sealed roads (equivalent to Melbourne to Sydney) and 1,267.3 kms of unsealed roads (approximate distance from Leongatha to Port Augusta). Below are some questions that are regularly asked about our road network. If you have other questions, please contact Council on 5662 9200 or

About our roads:

  Sealed Roads Unsealed Roads
Number of roads Council is responsible for: 827 1132
Length in kms: 794.5 1267.3
Which ones are VicRoads? You can find out which roads are Council roads or VicRoads roads on our website.
Cost to maintain / $$ in the budget for roads $4,721,226 (includes general maintenance, prep for reseals and reseals – excludes rehab works of $852,870 in 2017/18 – total including rehab works is $5,574,096) $4,709,533 (includes general maintenance and resheets)

When would an unsealed road be sealed?
Rural unsealed roads:
Sealing of an unsealed rural road will only be considered when traffic volumes exceed 150 vehicles per day. If a roads meets this criteria, it will then be assessed to determine how critical the works are. These types of works are considered to be 'upgrade works' and will only be considered when all priority renewal road infrastructure works (for the relevant financial year) have been completed.

Urban unsealed roads:
The sealing of unsealed urban roads is subject to Council’s C42 Special Charge Scheme Policy and the availability of Council funds for its contribution to the Special Charge Scheme in accordance with the policy and the Local Government Act 1989 requirements. A criticality process is used to rank the possibility of sealing urban unsealed road – roads which have an agreement from at least 70% of abutting property owners have a higher ranking.