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Register Your Pet

In accordance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994, all dogs and cats three months and older must be registered with the Council in which they reside.

Animal Registration Fees (full year)

Registration Fees - Valid until 10 April 2025 Standard Fee Concession Fee
Restricted breed dog, declared dangerous dog or declared menacing dog. $360.00 Not Eligible
Unsterilised dog or cat (microchipped only). $180.00 $90.00

Sterilised (desexed) dog or cat;
Dog or cat over 10 years old;
Working dog (kept specifically for working stock);
Hound registered with the GMA that is microchipped;
Dog kept for breeding at Registered Domestic Animal Business;
Member of an applicable organisation (dog or cat registered with an applicable organisation of which the owner is also a current member);
Dog has undergone obedience training with an approved organisation;

$60 $30
Transfer or current registration from another Victorian Council (copy of current registration from previous Council must be provided). Free
Guide Dogs;
Assistance Dogs (eligibility criteria apply);

Documentation for Reduced Fees
If your animal is eligible for a reduction in fees documented proof of eligibility is required. If certificates cannot be supplied a suitably witnessed Statutory Declaration will be required.

State Government Levy
Registration fees include the State Government Levy pursuant to the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Holders of eligible pension cards are entitled to a 50 per cent reduction in registration fees (this excludes restricted breed, declared dangerous or menacing dogs). Please present your concession card in person at the time of registration and ensure that the Consent to Check Centrelink Details section is signed and dated. Concession fees are not applicable to Health Care Card holders.

Registration Tags
Council issues lifetime registration tags that registered animals are required to wear at all times when off their property. The owner of a registered animal found without a tag may incur a fine. If your animal has lost its tag, please contact Customer Service for a free replacement tag on 5662 9200.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more details about your animal registration.

Applicable Organisations
Australian National Cats Inc, Dogs Victoria, Feline Control Council (Victoria) Inc, The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia & Victoria Inc, Game Management Authority, Master Dog Breeders & Associates, Responsible Pet Breeders Australia.

Approved Obedience Training Organisations
Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers Inc, The Kintala Dog Club Association Inc, Four Paws K9 Training, Delta Institute.

Relocating with your pets
If you move to a new council area, make sure you transfer your pet's registration. Often when you transfer registration your new local council will only charge you a percentage of the year's registration because of the fees you have already paid. A number of councils, including South Gippsland Shire Council, will transfer your current registration free of charge. Also remember to update your contact details with your microchip registry — this is a separate task to updating your pet registration records with your local council.

Assistance Dogs  
On 21 December 2023, a Governor in Council (GiC) Order was published under the Domestic Animals Act to exempt assistance dogs from council pet registration fees, provided certain eligibility criteria are met.  

To be eligible for a registration fee exemption, the owner of an assistance dog is required to apply for animal registration and provide reasonable evidence that: 

  • they have a disability that necessitates an assistance dog.
  • the assistance dog has been trained to alleviate the effect(s) of the disability (as per the definition of assistance dog under Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (EO Act)).
  • the assistance dog has completed obedience training, as defined in the GiC Order. 
  • the assistance dog is at least 12-months old. 
  • the assistance dog is microchipped.  
  • the assistance dog is desexed.

An applicant is not eligible for free registration of their assistance dog if: 

  • not all eligibility criteria are satisfied. 
  • the applicant has been found guilty of two or more offences under the DA Act with respect to the same assistance dog. 
  • the assistance dog has been declared menacing or dangerous. 
  • the assistance dog is a restricted breed dog.

Please get in touch with our Community Safety Team on 5662 9200 to discuss eligibility criteria in more detail.

Further Information

  • it is compulsory for all dogs and cats kept within the South Gippsland Shire to be implanted with a microchip.
  • if an animal is owned by a child under the age of 18, the dog or cat must be registered in the parent’s or guardian’s name.
  • owners of unregistered dogs and/or cats may incur an on the spot fine.
  • the annual animal registration period is from 11 April to 10 April every year.
  • animal registration renewals are mailed to registered dog and cat owners in March each year.
  • council must be notified in writing about any change of address or dog ownership so registration records can be kept up to date.
  • if any of your details change, please remember to update them on your pet’s microchip registry too.

Microchip Registries

Central Animal Records (CAR) – or phone 03 9706 3187

Australasian Animal Registry (AAR) – or phone 02 9704 1450

PetSafe – or phone 02 8850 6800

Home Safe ID – or phone 1300 537 140

Global Micro Animal Registry – or phone 02 8338 9063

If you are unsure which registry your pet’s microchip is lodged with, please contact our Community Safety Team on 5662 9200 who can assist.