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Most building works will require a building permit to be issued before work begins. Building works are issued by a private building surveyor and include construction, demolition and removal of a building or structure. Some minor works do not require a building permit. More information about what works are exempt from a building permit can be found here.

Council’s Building Team also assess a range of applications for the provision of building information, report and consent, building over an easement, demolition consent, farm shed exemptions and more.

Building in Bushfire Prone Areas
If you are going to be building within a Bushfire Prone Area (BPA), then you'll need a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment which can be prepared by a building practitioner. A BAL assessment determines the type of construction required, based on the determined threat level. 

To find out more about owner-builder requirements, complete the owner-builder application kit or obtain a Certificate of Consent, go to the Victorian Building Authority website  or call 1300 815 127.