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COVID-19 Support Package

Find out more about Council's $2M COVID-19 Community Support Package.

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Writers in Libraries

Writers in Libraries is a residency program for local writers in five West Gippsland Libraries (WGL) across South Gippsland. The residencies will spotlight our libraries while supporting creative endeavour among our writers.

Writers will work in a space specifically designated for them in each of the libraries. The writer's brief will be to develop (one or a series of) essays, short stories, that respond to the three themes of isolation, emergence and connection, documenting this extraordinary time for the future. Writers will have access to the WGL collection and the support of librarians for the development of their work.

All pieces will then be printed on posters and displayed in various locations in the Shire for public enjoyment. Posters and their locations can be documented and marketed via a map, forming a 'cultural trail', an intriguing opportunity for local tourism in this current environment of restricted travel.

Employment opportunities:

  • There is direct financial benefit to the five writers and in community recognition of their work.