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Install or Alter a Septic Tank System

Permit to Install or Alter a Septic Tank System

Step One – Do you Need a Planning Permit

Speak to our Planning department to find out if a planning permit is required. You can apply for a planning permit at the same time as a permit to install or alter.

Step Two – Is a Septic System Needed and Viable

Contact Gippsland Water (Mirboo North and surrounds) or South Gippsland Water (all other areas) to determine if your property is situated within the declared sewerage district and whether you must connect to sewer. If you do not need to connect to sewer you will need to get a septic tank system.

If you need a septic system it is recommended that you also:

Step Three – Collect Information for your Application

When you submit your application you will need:

  • Locality Plan: Your plan needs to clearly show the location of:
    i. The property including the street or lot number
    ii. Other streets and laneways in the immediate area.

Example Locality Plan

  • Site Plan: Your plan needs to clearly show the:
    i. Proposed location of the dwelling and any sheds, driveways, stock areas, tennis courts, swimming pools or any other   structure intended to be constructed on the lot
    ii. Exact area you intend to install the septic tank system and the layout of any trenches.

Example Site Plan

  • A House/Building Floor Plan: Your plan needs to a scale of no less than 1:100 and clearly show all bedrooms, studies and other rooms that could be used as bedrooms
  • Title: A copy of the land title is required to determine if there are any encumbrances on the land.
  • Land Capability Assessment (LCA), if needed: Contact Councils Wastewater Department to check if this is necessary. An LCA determines the ability of your land to take on wastewater – and therefore the type and size system required. Further information is also available in the Property Owner's Guide.

Step Four – Complete and Submit your Submission

Complete and submit the Septic Tank Application to Install or Alter form and pay the relevant fee.

Council aims to issue permits within 30 days however complex proposals may take up to 42 days. If we need to ask you for additional information the approval time can be longer. We'll be in contact with you throughout this period to keep you updated on the progress of your application.

We’ll be able to process your application quicker if all documents provided are in a similar format to the examples above and full payment is made on submission.

What happens when we receive an application:

Wastewater Factsheet Five: Permit to Install - Application Review Process

What happens once you have your permit:

Wastewater Fachsheet Six: Permit to Install - After the Permit