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Install or Alter a Septic Tank System

Amending a Septic Permit

In some situations a Permit to Install or Alter a septic system is issued and then you need to make a change to the design before the work is done.

Amendments are classified according to the level change, the differing fee reflects the amount of time required for Council to assess the changes:

  • Major amendment – changes to two or more aspects of the system
  • Minor amendment – changes to one aspect of the system or reassessment of the same system designed by a different installer

In order to amend a permit you need to complete and submit the Septic Tank Permit Amendment Form and pay the relevant fee.

Council aims to issue permits within 30 days, however complex proposals may take up to 42 days. If we need to ask you for additional information the approval time can be longer. We'll be in contact with you throughout this period to keep you updated on the progress of your application.