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Install or Alter a Septic Tank System

Amend a Septic Permit

A standard Council wastewater approval is issued for a period of 2 years. Council is aware that during this time frame there may be changes to the development or an update to the permit that may be required. A person that currently holds a Council Permit to install an onsite wastewater system if making any changes is required to apply;

  • Minor Permit Amendment –  for use in changing the nominated licensed plumber to install the system,  or nominating an alternative wastewater treatment system that is of the same level of treatment.
  • Major Permit Amendment –  for use if a Planning amendment is applied that amends the original location of the dwelling, or additional bedrooms or water generating fixtures are added to the original development that increase wastewater output to the proposed dwelling (Note – an Environmental Health Officer will be required to complete an inspection of the property and confirm that this will be comply with the requirements of Environment Protection Act 2017 and associated Code of Practice – Onsite wastewater management).

Application to Amend a Septic Tank Permit
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