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Install or Alter a Septic Tank System

Extend the Expiry Date of a Permit

Permits to install or alter a septic tank systems are issued for a period of two years, at which point they expire. If you require further time to install your septic system you can apply for an extension.

Council aims to issue permit extensions within 30 days, however complex proposals may take up to 42 days. If we need to ask you for additional information the approval time can be longer. We'll be in contact with you throughout this period to keep you updated on the progress of your application

Septic Permit Extension of Time Form

Please Note:
An extension may not be issued if there have been changes to the property or surrounding area which make the proposed system not comply with the EPA Code of Practice. Such changes include:

  • Construction of dams
  • Installation of bores
  • Construction of structures
  • The proposed system no longer being endorsed by the EPA

If an extension is not granted you will need to apply for a permit amendment.