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Install or Alter a Septic Tank System

Request for Septic System Information

Information on the location and maintenance requirements of your septic system can be helpful when:

  • Planning building or other works on your property
  • Requesting a plumber service your system
  • Requesting a pump out agent remove the sludge from your septic tank

In most cases a plumber who specialises in septic systems is best able to locate and identify the type of system you currently have. Where the system is not easily discoverable it may be helpful to request information on your system from Council's records.

If you would like a copy of the plans and/or information held by Council you need to:

  • Contact the Environmental Health team on 5662 9200 to confirm whether Council has relevant records for your property
  • If useful records are found, you will be asked to complete and submit the below application form and pay the relevant fee.

Council will provide information and/or plans within 14 days, this will be sent directly to the property owner. Due to privacy legislation Council is only able to provide excerpts of the relevant parts of permits and plans.

Request For Septic Documents and Plans