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Install or Alter a Septic Tank System

Report and Consent

A Report and Consent may be required on advice from a Builder Surveyor in order to enable the issuing of a building permit. It is a simple assessment of:

  • Wastewater infrastructure on a site, and/or
  • Viability of a site to take on wastewater if a septic system were installed.

Report and Consent Application Form

Council has 14 days in which to issue a Report and Consent, however this timeline is extended if Council needs you to provide more information.

Please note:
A Report and Consent is not a Permit to Install or Alter.

Council only recommends getting a Report and Consent when:

  • Required by a building surveyor, but a septic permit will not also be needed
  • Trying to get a building permit issued quickly, for example to get approval for a building loan